What we have produced?

December 2012

Commemoration of the 1912 Salon de la Section d’Or (Valensi was the secretary).

2012 > 2013

Research and publication of the monograph by Marie Talon : Henry Valensi, L’Heure est venue (available in paperback and as an e-publication).

François Baudez, Marie Talon and Didier Vallens at the Paris book Fair.

End 2012 > early 2015

7 large paintings by Valensi are hung in a room devoted to his work in October 2013 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris (Modernités Plurielles / Plural Modernities). The Spring Symphony cinepainting was gifted by the Association on this occasion and shown on a loop.


in June, press conference organised at the IRCAM. See press articles.

2014 > 2015

From October 2014 to March 2015, From Futurism to Musicalism, an exhibition in two Parisian galleries – Le Minotaure et Alain Le Gaillard. Work included at the FIAC and the Armory Show.

A painting included in an exhibition at the MUCEM, Marseille. Inclusion of Valensi’s painting (Expression des Dardanelles, 1917) in the exhibition Vu du Front (Musée des Invalides, Paris). See press articles.

Valérie Penven, Didier Vallens and Christèle Gomez.

2015 > 2016

Contribution towards the illustration of Valensi’s work in various cultural magazines:

  • Orgues Nouvelles, no. 30, Autumn 2015, cover and page (thanks to Roland Deleplace)
  • La Prétentaine, no. 31/32, December 2015, cover and several pages (thanks to Jean-Marie Brohm)

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Orgues Nouvelles

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