I like, participate and share!

You participate in a unique project.

We endeavour to preserve and promote a part of our artistic heritage. We would like to remain in a position to develop this work and would value any participation from those who have been moved by Valensi’s work.

There are advantages…

The first 50 members will receive Marie Talon’s book, Henry Valensi, l’Heure est Venue, for free. A 300 page book, with a wealth of illustrations. This is the first monograph summarising this artist’s work; it is presented as an imaginary interview.

We will communicate online all the information useful for the amateurs of this artistic movement. Members of the Association will have special access to unseen data (such as Valensi’s writing).

To the blog of the association with the possibility to share, to exchange on the conferences, the current academic works, the projections of the film Cinepainting, the exhibitions of one or more paintings, the publication of articles and photographies, etc

Entries in museums, subscriptions to magazines, sites,…(section in development)

Conferences with professionals of the art, at specific events, in France, as well as abroad… (section in development)

Your opinions, desires, projects, works, your own creations, those of artists that you appreciate…(section that will be updated constantly)

You join a passionate community

Over the years, we have realised how many people know and appreciated Henry Valensi’s work. There are requests for internships, dissertations, theses, exhibitions, screenings, the reproduction of his paintings in magazines etc. The Association Valensi will echo these initiatives, and propose new ones. Of course, you can also contribute with your own knowledge!

You contribute to the reputation of an artist

Contributions can take countless forms: by promoting his work and this website; enabling us to know more about all the thirty other Musicalist artists and their legal right owners today; let us know about any related exhibitions, editions, publications, documentaries, acquisitions and sales, etc. you are preparing.

You could contribute to our efforts with donations and/or loans: artworks, documents, objects, photographs, and, of course, financial support.

You could also help us by translating in various languages several pages of this website.

You could help by participating in the transcription and the digitisation of unseen documents.

You could help by researching specific information in the countries Valensi travelled and exhibited.

How to become a member?

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